Software Services for Applied Mathematics

True Theta LLC provides companies with expertise in machine learning, causal inference, forecasting and dynamic pricing.

If your company could gain from these subjects applied in code, we can help.

This generally involves three phases:

  • Exploratory phase: The value creation opportunity is identified, evaluated and agreed upon.
  • Collaborative execution phase: Software and documentation is developed and delivered.
  • Follow up phase: We provide training, answer remaining questions and address outstanding issues.

This process will be tailored to your circumstances, and our collaboration will make this process clear as it proceeds.

Training or Advisory Services

If your company could gain from technical training or related strategic advice, we can help.

Some illustrative examples include:

  • We can train employees on the use of certain machine learning tools.
  • We can advise clients on designing experiments to improve decisioning.
  • We can advise clients on investing in machine learning solutions.

This list is not comprehensive. We’ll collaborate to determine what works best for you.


If these services could help your company, feel free to contact us.