True Theta LLC is founded and operated by Principal Scientist DJ Rich, formerly a hedge fund quantitative researcher and later a machine learning research scientist at Lyft working on pricing, forecasting, and planning. DJ and his team of experts advise clients on quantitative techniques and deliver code to serve their goals.

DJ has over a decade of industry experience applying quantitative methods to improve financial outcomes. Within the hedge fund industry, this primarily meant modeling borrower behavior to predict cashflows from their loans or credit cards. At Lyft, this meant inferring causality from experimental data, folding that into a large model to predict the impact of nationwide price changes1 and building the software2 required to do so. Before working in industry, he earned a Master’s of Financial Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

In his free time, DJ enjoys running and teaching machine learning concepts, whether that’s on his YouTube channel or by writing on this website.

  1. For more information, see blog 1 and a podcast on the topic 

  2. See blog 2 for a description of the software.